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NH Movement Watch Instructions


Your watch is powered by the Seiko made NH35 movement or the NH36 (if you have a day date model) or the NH34 (for GMT Models) it is an automatic 24 jewel movement that can also be hand wound, it keeps itself wound up by a rotor inside the watch which rotates and winds the watch by movement from the wearer. It has a 41 hour power reserve which means it will keep running for 41 hours when you take the watch off, after this you will have to reset the time and give it 50 winds before you put it back on. Other than that, just wear it and it will keep itself wound up. It also boasts a hacking function, which means that the second hand can be stopped when the crown is pulled out to set the time. This feature makes it easier to synchronise the watch with an accurate time source.

Winding the watch
Unscrew the crown and wind it 50 times. You can do this once a week to keep the amplitude high and get the best timekeeping. The movement has been regulated to be very accurate.

Setting the time
Pull the crown out all the way and wind it forward to the desired time.
When done, screw the crown back down tight to maintain the watches water resistance. It has been pressure tested.

Setting the date
Pull the crown out one click and wind the crown backwards (anticlockwise).

Setting the day (NH36 models only)
Pull the crown out one click and wind the crown forwards (clockwise)

Setting the GMT hand (NH34 GMT models only)
Pull the crown out one click and wind the crown forwards (clockwise).
The GMT hand corresponds to the 24 hour markers on the bezel, so unlike the standard hour hand, it takes 24 hours to do one rotation of the dial, not 12 hours like the normal hour hand, this can confuse some customers who are not familiar with GMT watches and their functionality.



If your watch bracelet is fitted with the 'Glidelock' clasp and you're not familiar with its operation, please do not force anything when adjusting it, please search Youtube for 'Rolex Glidelock' to see how it works.

Thank you for your purchase, your custom is very much appreciated and I hope you continue to enjoy your custom watch for many years to come.

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